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Latest Noise Pollution report from LLA for Kensworth


Of the 6,429 planes monitored over 3 months in 2019 (4 April -24 June 2019), 6,355 (98%) have an average noise level between 72dB and 75.9dB, which is classed as Hazardous in the table on page 11 (see below), this is above the classification of 'annoying, irritation & speech masking', and does not take into account the cumulative effect of constant noise, only each plane's noise level.

Compared to 2016 recordings, planes are now flying over Kensworth at an altitude at least 50ft lower than in 2016, and for the top 4 most frequent aircraft (4,667 flights), the average noise levels have increased from between 66-69dB to levels between 72dB and 72.5dB.


This monitoring was performed by Luton Airport. These reports can also be seen on There are currently no noise reports listed on Studham and Whipsnade.




CNR Kensworth Apr-Jun 2019n.jpg
CNR Kensworth Apr-Jun 2019c.jpg
CNR Kensworth Apr-Jun 2019d.jpg
CNR Kensworth Apr-Jun 2019e.jpg
CNR Kensworth Apr-Jun 2019g.jpg
CNR Kensworth Apr-Jun 2019i.jpg
CNR Kensworth Apr-Jun 2019m.jpg
CNR Kensworth Apr-Jun 2019j.jpg
CNR Kensworth Apr-Jun 2019k.jpg
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