Local community groups against Airport noise, pollution and expansion

For news and extensive background on Luton Airport, go to LADACAN, which has been in place for many years....  www.ladacan.org. It is widely acknowledged to be the “umbrella” organisation campaigning on Luton Airport issues.

Other local community groups include:

HALE - Hertfordshire Against Luton Airport Expansion (a campaign alliance group) - www.hale.news

Stop Luton Airport Expansion - https://www.stoplae.org

Harpenden Sky - http://www.harpendensky.com

St Albans Aircraft Noise Defence - https://www.stand.city

St Albans Quieter Skies - http://www.staqs.uk

Stop Low Flights from Luton (SLFL)

NGOs campaigning against Airport Expansion, climate change and noise pollution around the UK

Aviation Environment Federation - https://www.aef.org.uk/campaigning-against-unsustainable-expansion/

Airport Watch - http://www.airportwatch.org.uk

Extinction Rebellion

Chiltern Countryside Alliance

Friends of the Earth