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It was noticeable that the three villages were left off the recent consultation meetings, although well over 30% of all planes approach the runways over us at a low height, regularly disturbing and waking up local families in the night and day.

We will be disporoportionately affected by any future expansion. 


This is unacceptable, and so hopefully this website and the ensuing FB site will pull the community together to start to show Luton Airport that it is not just those living in Hertfordshire that care. 

We have lived here for nearly 20 years, and over this time it has become noticeable that Luton Airport is becoming less democratic and more dictatorial in how it plans its expansion process. By not following procedure correctly and promising the world in potential benefits to the local communities, yet in reality giving very little back except detrimental impacts, we are increasingly concerned. The conflict of interest between Luton Borough Council and the Airport also remains extremely worrying.


Noise pollution is rising, although not being monitored sufficiently and environmental/chemical pollution is increasing, although again, little is being done to monitor this, and we are left to just try to 'live with it'. In a democratic society such as ours, the general public is expected to follow the rule of law regards  planning, etc. and so Luton Borough Council and Luton Airport must also do the same in a transparent and accountable way.

All these issues are increasing stress on local communities and are detrimental to the health and quality of lives of all local residents, both human and animal (Whipsnade Zoo is also affected). In addition, this aggressive expansion will also have a massively negative impact on the environment crisis. 

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