Luton Airport has expanded by 74% since 2012, breaching many of its planning conditions, and continues to ride roughshod over local communities: flights are now lower, louder and night flights are common, disturbing our sleep well into the early hours of the morning.


Of the four most common aircraft flying over, noise has increased by an average 3dB over the past 3 years, bringing it to levels of 72dB and above, which, according to the Institute of Occupational Health, is considered 'Hazardous' to humans . 


Many other communities are taking a community-based stand: surely it is time for us to be heard or we risk sleepwalking further into a climate, environmental and noise-pollution nightmare. 


Recent consultation meetings missed out our three villages, which is extraordinary and worrying as we are in the direct flight landing path and will be disproportionately affected by everything they propose. For more info contact us at



9 January 2020

Our MP, Andrew Selous MP, received a reply from the relevant Minister from the Department of Transport. He says that 'the good news is that the letter indicates that the expansion decision will be taken by the Secretary of State for Transport'. Which will give him 'ample opportunity to make all local points of concerns directly to him'.  To read the letter go to the Letters/Concerns page.


6 January 2020

We have just discovered that Luton Borough Council have not uploaded any online representations for planning 19/00428/EIA since 2 December 2019! We are trying to get to the bottom of what is going on, as there are at least 60 representations that need to be uploaded. If you have submitted a response via the planning portal please keep an eye on it to ensure your application has been added. Or also email your letter (with your address attached) to

5 January 2020

We have been in contact with our local Member of Parliament, Andrew Selous MP, who has already 'raised the the concerns of local people with Luton Airport, with the Department for Transport and with Central Bedfordshire Council.'  He is very much on the case and said that 'It seems very wrong that Luton Airport can breach its own restrictions'

Continuous action/awareness

Make sure you always report noise disturbances or anything else negatively related to Luton Airport - see 'What can I do?'


The website is in its infancy but had to be set up quickly in relation to the planning issue above we need to take action - it will be further updated over coming weeks!

Current Very Urgent Concerns

Action to be taken by 8 January 2020

Local comments needed regarding planning application 19/00428/EIA re. Luton Airport's breach of planning regulations relating to noise pollution

Luton Airport has breached its planning permissions on noise contours: you may have noticed that planes are not only more frequent but the noise disturbance is greater. 

They are now trying to perform retrospective planning, stating that it is for a 'temporary period' of 4 years (nearly equivalent to a government's term in office!). 


The more local objections the better: log into and enter Applications Search: 19/00428/EIA to read and then you have to log in to add your comment. You can email a letter to the Head of Development Management in planning at, but time is limited as applications need to be in by 8 January 2020.

For help with possible points about how respond to this go to:

the Letters/Concerns page on this website or  or if you read some of the objections listed on the application website they might give you an idea.