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UrgentMake your representation against Luton Airport expansion by 23 June 2023!

Luton Rising has to obtain a Development Consent Order (DCO) from the National Planning Inspectorate (PINS) for its expansion plan because of the huge environmental impact it would have. The following information explains how to get to the relevant form and register as an Interested Party if you are concerned about the extreme proposals and the impact that further expansion of Luton Airport with have on our local and wider communities. Once registered you must upload your objections. 
The registration period for people or groups wanting to make submissions in response to the DCO application has now started, and ends at midnight on Friday 23rd June.
  • You have to register as an Interested Party to take part in the process and make your views known
  • The online Registration Form will guide you to provide the necessary information
  • At this stage it’s best to provide a summary of the points you want to make, which can be expanded later
  • Remember that the application may have changed since you submitted you consultation response
  • Your Representation must not be concerned with National Policy nor be “frivolous” and should not contain links
  • Representations which are accepted will be published on the project website
“Relevant Representation” can be submitted using an online form, the instructions of how to do this is explained below.
There is considerable urgency, particularly as we are late into this due to lack of information made available by Luton Rising (the arm of Luton Borough Council that is applying for expansion).
So the need is to register as an Interested Party and provide a written summary of your views. At the end of this stage, a Preliminary Meeting will be held to explain the process and timetable in more detail. There is then a six-month Examination stage during which more detail can be provided on the summaries provided by Interested Parties.
But the most important thing is to get representations in, even if it is only a sentence or two!
The planning application goes to 15,000 pages, impossible for a lay person to read; this is part of the point, added to the fact that we know that increased noise pollution levels and continuous flights throughout the night will affect our sleep and health negatively. The air pollution will also be detrimental to our health while adding further to climate change. This is really a last chance to get your voice heard, and prevent at least 32m passengers flying overhead and through the airport annually.
The application documents are on the PINS website at the link in the yellow button,
or the listed link below if the button doesn't work for you

Once you have clicked on it you will reach the National Infrastructure website. Check that it states London Luton Airport Expansion (see left).

1. Register your email address, so that you will know when your representation is uploaded and relevant issues relating to the application (this is important as if you don't you won't hear anything).

2. Click on the Registration form tab.

Once clicked on the Registration tab, 
the next page will have a blue button asking you to "Register to have your say".

Click on this and you will be taken to the Planning Inspectorate. There are guidelines written down, please do try to keep to them.

Click on the Green 'Start Now' button.

You will have to fill in a bit about you and your address, etc., then you have a window in which to lodge your views. 

It can help to write your objections into a word document and then cut and paste into the box. It is worth being concise, but it is difficult as there are so many reasons against expansion.  

You will then receive an email from 'NI Mail Distribution' confirming your application, with the relevant application number.

Click to the next page of this site, to see the 17 points that we see as important, you can click on the button below:
You can find further information about this process on our Links page, particularly LADACAN, which goes into more detail about the process.

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